We make our timpani mallets with a wide choice of shaft sizes and weights

Our standard shaft sizes can be supplied from 9.0mm to 11.5mm diameter (measured at the gripping point).
The overall length of our timpani sticks is from 37cm - 38cm.

The weight of a complete timpani stick with standard shafts varies from about 24g to 36g 
depending upon the shaft diameter and the model.

Simply choose the diameter you require and we shall ensure that the sticks are ideally weighted and balanced. 
f you require a particular weight, please let us know.  

Other sizes, weights and lengths can be custom made to your requirements.

On some models we can fit larger shafts with diameters from 12mm to 14mm. 
These large shafts are heavier than normal, and make the weight of a complete stick between 30g and 46g.

The core and felt are the primary factors in sound production. 
The shafts will determine how the sticks feel in your hands.
The sound produced by our sticks is not significantly affected by the size and weight of the shaft.