Our soft hand made felt is available in seven closely spaced depths to give 
subtle and precise control of articulation.
Choose the depth of felt you require by selecting from the table below.
felt depth
model identifier and label colour
1mm - grade 10  very articulate - excellent tone and none of the harshness usually associated with hard sticks.
2mm - grade 20  articulate - intermediate grade.
3mm - grade 30  medium articulate - excellent for solo work, clear rolls - fortissimo and pianissimo, and single strokes.
4mm - grade 40  medium articulate - excellent for less articulate general playing, rolls and single strokes.
5mm - grade 50 less articulate - intermediate grade.
6mm - grade 60 less articulate - excellent for symphonic rolls and strokes where less definition is required.
7mm - grade 70  less articulate - more muted and sonorous than grade 60.