Alan Cumberland    
2 September 1945 - 4 December 2016

(1967-1987)  Principal Timpanist, London Philharmonic Orchestra - London, 
(1968-1887)  Professor of Timpani and Percussion - Royal College of Music, London.
(1987-1998)  Senior Lecturer in Timpani and Percussion - Queensland Conservatorium, Australia 
(1999-2015)  Head of Woodwind, Brass and Percussion, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

My teacher, friend and inspiration for my timpani sticks.  Alan helped enormously in the development of my timpani sticks through his constant desire to achieve the best possible sound from the timpani.  I will be forever grateful for his patience and encouragement in testing the many prototype designs which I offered for his appraisal.  

Below is an extract from one of his recent letters to me ...

a selection of recent letters and emails and texts

My dear David,
...30 years!!!!!............ I would like you to mention in your advertising material that it was you and I who developed those sticks together all those years ago.  I remember that you sat in on so many rehearsals at RFH to listen to your product in action.  Of course, you have continued to refine these sticks and the varieties in a big way so that there is something for everybody everywhere in the world. I continue to recommend your (only) sticks whenever I do my masterclasses in the different countries and am so pleased to see that the large majority of my students all over the place continue to use your high quality product. So keep up the good work  
With every good wish 
As always



Just to let you know that the sticks did arrive as promised. Apologies for my tardy response!
Thank you again for your excellent service.
Best regards

Wow, that was quick.Thanks so much David, really appreciate the speedy turnaround.
Best wishes,

Hi David, 
The sticks are superb! (As always
?)  I was on a recording session last weekend and instantly they provided everything that I needed ?
Thank you again! 
Best wishes


Hi David,
Sticks received! They are lovely
? and thanks for speeding them through for me, I appreciate it!
All the best

Hi David,
That would be top notch, very much appreciated. P.s. the other two pairs have been worth their weight in gold.
All the best,

The sticks arrived today, as promised. They look great and I can't wait to try them at the weekend. Thank you again for your excellent service. 
All the best

Amazing thanks very much David.

Dear David, 
After the customs clearance the mallets are arrived. 
There are beautiful, thank you so much again! :) 
Best regards
MS Hungary

Thank you David,
They arrived today and I am looking forward to playing them next week. I know they will sound fantastic, as they always do. 

Dear David,
the parcel just arrived now, thank you again for your extended service and the beautiful sticks!With my best wishes,
UB Germany

Hi David, the Mallets received at me and I'm super happy!... Kind regards and i definitely order again some mallets of you. 
JK Germany

Hello David,  thanks for your sticks, there are perfect... They were delivered on Thursday, just in time for the 1st rehersal. 
Have a nice week end,
BA France

Dear David,
thanks a lot for your quick and reliable service, very much appreciated!
With my very best wishes,
UB Germany

Hi David
The sticks arrived today and they are beautiful as ever. Looking forward to using them in the orchestra and once again thanks for such a quality product.
All best wishes

Good morning David 
Happy New Year! I hope you had a good break. 

Just to say a belated thank you for the sticks: beautiful as always.


Hi David,
Your beautiful mallets are safely in my hands now. Thank you so much for your wonderful art work. They look and feel fantastic. Can't wait to try them in concert halls. 
Best wishes,

Hi David,
The sticks arrived safely this morning. They’re great! Thanks so much for getting them to me in such good time. They’ll definitely help me out tomorrow in rehearsal!!

Hi David.
They arrived safely today. Many thanks for turning my order around so quickly. 

Dear David,
Very briefly, thanks for the advice and the new sticks. The 430kk are just what I was looking for - warmth and definition in a cathedral setting...
Best wishes,

Hi David,
Having been playing timps for over 30 years I've never bothered to invest in decent sticks and I tried somebody else's Morbeys at a recent concert and I was sold there and then! 

Kind regards

Hello, I am writing to say that the sticks have just arrived, they are great, thank you very much !
ZP Poland

Dear David
I feel great to meet this mallet.  Thank you for the wonderful mallet.  I love all mallets.  Thank you for your careful packing.
TA Japan

David just to say that the sticks arrived this morning and they look and feel great. Thanks very much for turning round the order so quickly.
Kind regards

Dear David,
The sticks arrived today and they are amazing! I'm really looking forward to play them in concert.
Thank you and the best wishes from ..., Germany,
JS Germany

Perfect, they arrived today looking like brand new!
Thank you so much!

Hi David,
Thank you so much for the sticks, they are the best sticks!

Kind Regards,
SK Australia


Dear David,
Thank you for your e-mail.
I played the sticks yesterday. 
They were very nice!
Thank you!
Merry Christmas!
KSH Hong Kong

Hi David,
The sticks arrived safely yesterday. Many thanks again for the quick turnaround and for the great job on the 310s. 
All the best for a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.
Kind Regards,

Dear David,
I'm happy to receive the sticks so soon.
Thank you very much.
With my very best wishes,
CB Germany

Dear David,
again I have to thank you for making these wonderful sticks which allow to express myself in a way which suits for me and are best for recording and live performing!
With best regards and greetings -
KR Germany

Dear David
Great news confirming my order is on it's way, I shall look forward to performing with them very soon.
Great service much appreciated.

HI David
Just to say a huge thank you, sticks arrived this morning.
Kind Rgds

Dear David!  
I got your sticks, thanks a lot!  Already at first glance it is clear that they are made with great skill and knowledge of the matter!  I decided to write after trying them out.  After rehearsals and several concerts, I can tell you my impressions.  The balance and weight of each pair from this set is very convenient for me!  It feels like I've been playing them for a long time.  And the heads of the sticks and your trademark winding give tremendous possibilities in the variety of sound and timbre!  Thank you so much!!!  While playing, I get real pleasure and am sure that new possibilities in sound and colors await me! ...  It is a great pleasure to hold workshops and sticks made with love in your hands!
I look forward to further cooperation.
Thanks a lot again !!!
 With all respect, 
AN Russian Federation

Hi David,
... I absolutely love the three pairs you sent me. the HF’s were perfect for Beethoven 8, I used them throughout and the conductor was very happy with the sound.
The KK’s and the FF’s were also both absolutely ideal ... and are pairs that have become absolute staples in my “arsenal”. I can conjure a beautiful sound ... which is exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you again for your fantastic communication, customer service and suggestions.
All the best,

... So this is my way of saying thank you for your excellent design and workmanship that have given me so much pleasure for so many years.
Best wishes

Hi David,
Just wanted to say my sticks are absolutely fantastic! Doing exactly the job I wanted them to do on the pots! Thanks so much!

Thank you for the superb pair of sticks. Very, very nice indeed....
All the best to you, David!

Dear David
... I would also like to thank you for all you friendly emails and as always, superb service. Thank you.
MO Sweden

Dear David! 
I have received Your sticks yesterday. They are awesome.
YE Russian Federation


Hi David
Arrived this morning... Thank you for keeping me informed - in this impersonal world at the moment I really appreciated this personal touch.
Kind regards

Dear Mr. Morbey

... The sound is very good and the weight is very balanced. I like them very much!  

Thank you again!  

Best regards,
SY China

Hi David,
The second package arrived today... The sticks are great as always, thank you very much. Looking forward to next time.
All the best,
AT China

Hi David,Sticks just arrived! They are beautiful! Your craftsmanship is as exquisite as ever!
Thoroughly enjoyed using your sticks these last 30 odd years! Quality exceptional!...
Thanks aagin and very best wishes

Dear David Morbey,
... Best wishes and thanks for your great work and Service,
MS Germany

Hi David,
Just a wee note to thank you for your help with ordering these sticks. They arrived safely yesterday...  Once again thanks for your speedy, efficient service. 

Hope you are well. Just to let you know that the sticks have arrived back safely. They look great; good as new! I can't wait to try them out.  Thank you for the excellent service.

Dear David!
Thanks a lot for the mallets! They are just perfect!
It will be a pleasure to play them within the orchestra in Octobre...
? (Hopefully)
FL Germany

the mallets arrived and are great! thank you very much!
BTVC Germany  


Hi David. 
Just wanted to say thanks so much for turning round my order so quickly. I used them in a huge Mahler inspired piece at the National Brass Band Championships at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday, and my band won. I also had several positive remarks about my timpani playing which was massively helped by the sound your sticks helped me produce.
Thanks again

... , they’re absolutely brilliant.

Dear David! 
I played with your sticks on tour.  They have surround sound, clear articulation, variety in timbre and quite versatile in hardness. Perhaps you are the only one who makes exactly those sticks that I need at the moment.  
Thanks for your work!
With best regards,
AK  Russian Federation

HELLO DEAR DAVID....just to know how are you my friend, i was using my timpani sticks and i just want to tell you thank you so much ...i really enjoy playing with this kind of sticks...
OSZ Mexico

Hi David,
just to say that the sticks have arrived and they are superb.

Thanks  so much.

Dear David,
Thank you very much for the 2 pairs of refelted timp-stix that I received yesterday. Excellent job, wonderful!
Thanks again and best regards,
NB  Germany

Dear David! 
Yesterday I finally played with your sticks. They sound very rich and clear, I really like it!
I will think which of your sticks will fill up my collection next and will order it.  
Thank you so much for your work!
Best regards,
AK  Russian Federation

Hi David,
Thank you so much for rushing the order through for me - I really appreciate it. I hope you have a great holiday.
Many thanks

Dear David,
Thank you for E-Mailing.
I am extremely happy that your 440KK and 620KK are so great.  I appreciate your great work.
As for the diameter of shafts, I would appreciate it if you could make it with 9.5mm - 10.0mm diameter like last time. If you need more than 10.0mm diameter, please let me know.
I have priority to the tones over anything.
Best Regards,
YN  Japan

Hi David,
Just wanted to let you know the mallets arrived. Gorgeous, as always!! 
Thank you so much again.
Best wishes,
RM  Netherlands

Hi David,
The sticks have arrived today. Not quite in time for last night’s concert but more importantly I have another concert on Friday with Andrea Bocelli, so I am very much looking forward to using them then. I really appreciate you doing this so quickly - I know your manufacturing process is very time consuming, for good reason.
Best Regards


Dear David,
Many thanks for the quick turnaround - just picked the sticks up ... and I'm blown away. The 520's are lovely (as always) and the 660's are so unnoticeable that I couldn't see where the repair was until I looked very closely indeed. Balance feels good and I'll give them a run out at rehearsal tomorrow 
I'm very happy to have my full compliment of sticks again.

Dear David,
Your Timpanisticks arrived in Karlsruhe safely. 
Thank you very much. They’re perfect and sound incredible
Best wishes from Germany
AB  Germany  

Dear David,
...  I just would like to thank you for the timpani mallets you sent to me for Beethoven 9th. They worked perfect on the first rehearsal, we are doing another one tomorrow, It has to be said that they sound really professional and worked extremely well .... Their response in all the dynamic range was brilliant. I was surprise how small the head is but sound great.
Again Thank you for the mallets and for the quick response to my order.

With many thanks

Dear David 
My son's sticks arrived today so in time for Saturday. 
I can't thank you enough for sorting this and was very touched by the kind message you sent.

Thank you once again 

Dear David,
I well received the sticks. Thank you, they feel and sound great!!
AF  Netherlands

Mallets arrived today and they look great. 
Thanks very much David. 


Dear David,
Thank you, the package arrived some time ago. The sticks are fantastic. We will probably send the sticks to be refelted from Holland in November, 
Thank you,
AT  Netherlands

Hi David,
Many thanks for this. That's brilliant, I look forward to receiving them, thank you so much. Most of my 2002 sticks were sadly stolen but I managed to get ... a load of your models via Southern Percussion and they are still going strong, I used them in Canada a few weeks ago and got a lot of compliments about how good they sounded!
Thanks again!

Hi David. 
Just to confirm the sticks have arrived safely. As ever, heartfelt ... thanks - can't wait to put them to good use. 
Once again thanks - and congratulations on your superior products.
All best wishes

Hello David
The refurbished sticks have arrived safely.  Thanks so much for a great job of refurbishing them.
EC  UK  

Best wishes

Dear David,
Just to say that the sticks arrived today. They are really gorgeous! Thank you so much for them and the fast service.
Many thanks again,
very best wishes,
RM Netherlands

...  just letting you know that the famous BS sticks arrived safely.  ... are now very curious about why they’re called BS sticks ... hilarious!! The legend continues. Thanks again for your fantastic work, the sticks as always are exactly what I had in mind.
AT  Australia

Dear David,
I've just put them in the post to you; the 430 and 410KK from the stick set I've had for many years now. The 540FF pair is still going strong, ... The sticks have now played a lot of repertoire, and brought years of joy to me and to others. Just the way they feel has helped guide my playing, and they've widened my palette in terms of tone and articulation.
With very many thanks,

Dear David,
Many thanks, I used them yesterday and am really happy with them!
Thanks for your quick turn around!
Best wishes,

Today i got your mallets.  I already tried them an they sound great.
Thank you.
SR  Austria

Thanks for the excellent sticks... I'm really enjoying playing with them.
Best regards,

Dear David,
I just received these beautiful timpani sticks today. I'm looking so much forward to play with them : ) 
Best wishes 
HN Denmark  

Thanks so much for the 540s. They sound incredible and the craftsmanship is beautiful.


Dear David,
I received my sticks today and they are amazing! Thank you so much for everything.
My very best wishes,
AH Austria

Hi David,
Arrived home today to find the package awaiting me! Thank you so much for making and delivering them so quickly, I really appreciate the extra effort!
Thanks again,

Hi David,
Many thanks for the sticks, which arrived last week.  They look and feel excellent - as always - and I look forward to getting into the studio with them very soon :)

Hello David,
I' d like to say thank you for the new 470 kk, which I' m playing quite a while. It sounds great and is a pleasure to play and I'm happy to have him in my bag.
Thank you again for your help and best wishes,
WJ Germany

Sticks arrived safely David! They are magnificent as always!
TC Australia

Dear David,
thank you so much for your amazing work and kind words !!! I received
the sticks,  and will contact you as soon as I need to buy more of your fantastic products !!!
All the best
TE Germany

Dear Mr Morbey
...Thank you very much for your helps and support.  The mallets look and sound great.
BK Malaysia

...I have greatly enjoyed using your sticks, they work very well for me. I am often asked who made them and I happily send them your way! 

Hello David,
I continue to be very pleased with your sticks, I used them exclusively for many recent concerts, I find them very satisfying in every way. Great feel and a great sound.
All the best,

Dear David, 
Perfect ! I received the sticks in the meantime. They seem brand new [refelted]. now im gonna try them on. Thank you for your work.
LD France


Hi David
I'm pleased to confirm receipt of the sticks, thank you so much for the "rush" order, S... will be delighted!
Best regards

Dear David,
Just to let you know that the sticks have arrived this morning, thank you very much for your excellent service.
Kindest regards

Dear David
Thank you for the sticks which were beautifully made as ever. So sorry to hear about Alan Cumberland's passing- what an inspiration he was and a lovely man to boot.
Hope you are well and we send our best wishes to you

Dear David,
the sticks just arrived. What can I say? WOW!! :-) Amazing sticks, superb treatment, incredible sound! As usual! Thank you so much!!! I'm looking forward to play them in our hall!
All the best for you!
AW Germany

Dear David
Delighted to report that Beethoven 3 went splendidly with the new sticks
you made for me. The conductor commented on the sound! Thank you once again.
very best wishes

Dear David
Thank you so much for making and getting the sticks to us so quickly.  R... used them for the first time this evening at a rehearsal for Tuesday, and he is absolutely thrilled with them.  Best wishes

Dear David,
Thank you for your sticks, the sounds of the sticks are really wonderful.
EF Hong Kong

Good to hear from you David...
I use your sticks all the time and love playing with them. 
With all best wishes as ever.

Dear David,
I couldn't ask for better service and really appreciate your quick response.
All the best,

Hi David
Sticks have arrived safely - many thanks for such a quick service.
All the best

Hi David, 
Just to let you know that the sticks arrived yesterday... I’ve already had a bit of a hit with them, and as always they’re fantastic! I’m particularly keen to start using the “FF”s as I haven’t really used them in the past, but they sound wonderful already. We’re touring to China shortly and I’m keen to have the A-Team up and running, so they will definitely be making the trip.
Thank you once again David for responding so quickly and accurately to the order.
AT Australia

Dear David Morbey,
I got my sticks much sooner than I expected thanks to you. I appreciate it.
Sincerely yours,
YS South Korea

Hello David,
Many thanks, we have received the sticks.  They look super and I will enjoy using them again...  As always, thank you so much for the excellent service and workmanship!
Best Wishes

Dear David,
the sticks just arrived. Thank you so much for the super-fast-service! And of course - the sticks are fantastic (as expected!)!
Best wishes!
AW Germany

Hello David
Now I’ve had chance to use my new sticks I just wanted to thank you for them. As ever they are perfectly balanced and beautifully finished and a joy to play with.
Thanks again,

Dear David,
Your timpany sticks are all wonderful
With my best wishes
AR Germany


Dear David,
I just wanted to say thank you for sending the Timpani sticks so promptly. They arrived on Friday and I'm sure their future owner will be absolutely thrilled with them. 

Dear David 
Belated thanks for the timpani sticks which arrived safely back last week. They are beautiful. Thank you for restoring them to their former glory. :)

Dear Mr Morbey.
I would like to thank you for having processed my order so quick. The sticks are fantastics ! 
I enjoy playing with them.
AD France

Dear David, 
yesterday I got your sticks and I find it great as always. 
BS Poland

Dear David,
Just wanting to say a very quick ‘Thank You’ for the wonderful sticks that you made for me the other month. They sounded beautiful in a recent performance of Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 and Beethoven ‘Pastoral’. 
Many thanks once again for your wonderful timpani mallets.
PW Australia

Dear Mr Morbey,
I have received the sticks and I am very happy with them, they feel really great. 
Thank you very much.

Dear Mr. Morbey,
Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding! So grateful for your help and look forward to receiving the sticks soon!
NL Hong Kong

Dear David, 
The new sticks arrived at our office late last week but I only received them today. 
I am absolutely delighted with the sticks and the shafts are exactly what I asked for. Many thanks again for your quick turnaround. 
MG Glasgow Scotland

Sticks look beautiful, thanks David :)

Dear David,
Thank you for your great Timpany Sticks.
The Quality is the best i know.
The feeling to play is wonderful and the sound is like i want it.(Love it)
AR Germany

Hi David,
We are happy to say that Joel’s sticks arrived on Monday (1 June).
He had a performance that night with his college band.
He said he really enjoyed playing the timpani with his new sticks!
Thanks for the 2 beautiful sets of sticks!

Cheers for the beautifully crafted sticks made by you, I've been loving the balance and the rebounce from the sticks. It's perfectly weighted and produces great, sonorous, full sound with the right amount of attack u want. I look forward to purchasing your other ranges of sticks. 
RY Hong Kong

Thank you very much for the Timp sticks they are lovely and I think I play better with them. Fantastic service.

Dear David
My Rosauro's Timpani Concerto went very well and it's also because of your excellent sticks. Thank you very much for your advice.
YS Switzerland

Dear David, 
I am very happy with all the new sticks! (The refelted ones feels just like a new pair, just like you said they would.) Yesterday I played Beethoven (in a mid-sized modern church) and the HF300's turned out to be the perfect model for that occasion! 
I feel that the setup I have now is going to be a complete toolbox for me, for a long time. 
Also, many thanks for the extremely quick turnaround! I could not be more pleased, and I will certainly talk to every colleague I meet about you, your sticks and the extremely good customer service i have received! 
Thank you, and my very best wishes to you! 
JH Sweden

Dear David, 
This week I was trying out your sticks on as many timpani sets I could.
They sound just great on every of them!
I tried them on an adams schnellar timpani set with calf head. The 540 FF made a big full fortissmo roll and 430 sounded great on sacre(ending).
Thank you for this wonderful work! 
I am very satisfied.
Also on Hochrainer vinesse timpani they work very good, especcially the hard ones.
Wish you all the best, and again, thank you very much.
RW Austria


Hi David,
I was just about to email you to say thank-you very much for a very prompt service! The sticks arrived this morning and look great. I’m sure my son will be very pleased with them.

Dear David
I received my sticks. Thank you very much. It's an excellent work and I am delighted to play with them. Thanks also for your sensible advice. I shall give news to you of my concerto performance.
YS Switzerland

Dear David,
I received the mallets already. Thank you very much. I really satisfy!
WY Thailand/USA

Dear David,
I am grateful for your speed in sending my sticks.
Thank you very much and best wishes,
AH Spain

Dear David,
The sticks arrived this morning- thanks for the fantastic service, I look forward to using them soon. 
AK Ireland

Dear David,
Thank you for sending the new mallets,they are perfect, as always! 
Since playing your sticks for 25 years I'm always enthusiastic about the constant quality, which all the sticks you built for me have in common. Thank you again for your help and best wishes from germany
WJ Germany

Dear David,
Thank you for the wonderful sticks, they were for my daughter and she has reported back upon first use, that they are fantastic.

Dear Mr. Morbey,
I am using only your sticks since I received them. The fundamental they bring out in the drums is very noticeable and they allow me to articulate or play legato with more accuracy, also very good weight for when power is needed.
JLMN Puerto Rico

Hi David
I'm really enjoying the new sticks you sent over recently. Excellent workmanship! They are getting almost daily use at present & have just finished a performance run of Phantom of the Opera with me!
JG London

Dear David, 
I have already received your great sticks. I am so pleased with them. Thank you.
JMVB Spain

Mr. Morbey,
I received the mallets last Thursday March 27th. I used them for rehearsals Thursday, Friday and in the concert on Saturday evening. I am extremely happy with the mallets...I am hearing more fundamental note on my drums, that was not possible with other mallets that I was using, also the sound is bigger and rounder with little ring at the end. I can roll and articulate if needed with every mallet almost! I am very satisfied, thank you so much! The balance feels same in each hand...I'm already thinking about ordering other combinations for different playing passages.
Thank you again,
JLMN Puerto Rico

Hi David,
Sincere thanks - the sticks arrived in time for my rehearsal and they are terrific.
Kind regards

Dear David, 
I received the sticks already last week, early enough to play them last Weekend in our concert.
Thank you very much for the quick delivery. 
And, what should I say, I tried all of them, and they are fantastic, great, the best sticks I ever played. And the best: they are mine, I can`t belive it.
I`m more than satisfied with them, thank you very much for your very good Suggestion.
 Thank you very much again, and all the best to you.
 GK Germany

Dear David,
I am very excited to have received the sticks and the sticks are just like new! Really thank you very much!
With my best wishes,
FC Hong Kong

Dear David,
Many thanks indeed for the sticks. They're beautifully made and should provide all the desired effects in all the pieces of music I'm asked to play. 
Many thanks indeed,


Hi David,
The mallets arrived yesterday in great condition. They sound, feel, and look great!
Thanks again for your help with this order and I'm sure I will be in touch again about more mallets!
AH Canada

Dear David,
thank you for the mallets, which arrived last week; they are fantastic!
This is exactly what I had in mind, and they fit perfectly in the set of sticks I play mostly. They are light, clear and not too hard as the wood version for me, not too dark as the felt. They don't change the colour in different dynamics; rolls are possible in extreme dynamics and they have a good balance for my hands.
Thank you again for your help, 
with my very best wishes,
WJ Germany

Hi David,
Just a quick note to let you know the sticks are working out really well, I'm absolutely delighted with them! The re-felting is perfect and the new sticks are just what I was looking for.
Thanks again, I really appreciate the effort that goes into making sticks of this quality!
All the best,
SK Ireland

Thank you soooo much for the sticks David - and for the letter too!
 they're simply perfect.

Dear David,
Many thanks. The new sticks arrived safely and T played them yesterday in a practise session and loved them and the sound. Also many thanks for marking them with his name. He is very proud of them!
With best wishes,

Once again thank you very much for your excellent service!
Best wishes
SK Switzerland

Hi David,
I have just received my order of mallets from you!
they are perfect for what i need to enhance my playing
Thankyou very much
ACS Australia

Dear Mr. Morbey,
Just emailing to let you know that I received the mallets the other day and that I'm extremely happy with them and the way they've turned out. 
Thanks so much for all your help and advice,
ML Australia

Hi David
Very many thanks for the fabulous new sticks and the very swift service.  Your advice on the 430FF sticks was spot on - they provide a warmer tone with reasonable definition on the renaissance heads. 
Kind regards

Dear David,
I have received the shipment in good order.  Thanks.  The sticks are
really remarkable.  I have placed a new order for 5 more sticks via "the secure order form".
CCH HongKong

Hello !
I have received the mallets !
That's exactly that I wanted ! Big thanks to have mad it so fast !
Again thank you !
JV France

Hi David
Many thanks for the re-felted 640's which are excellent as usual.
All very best wishes and thanks for the great service.

Dear David,
It was kind of you to mail, and making sticks in very short time!
My friend can take audition with them. She is very glad, and me too.
Thank you for wonderful sticks!
HS Japan

Dear David, 
We are delighted to have received the new mallets today. Thank you, they are fantastic. A great addition to the collection ! The book will keep me busy for a while I'm sure. 
our best wishes,

Dear David
Thank you very much for your speedy delivery of my 330 sticks, which I received Thursday.
I'm very pleased with them and I'm happy to report that they were a key part of a competition winning performance today.
Kind regards,
SEV Denmark

Dear David,
I have received your sticks a few weeks ago, but didn't have time to write back to you. I am really happy with the sticks.  I have done 2 concerts in the past weeks using my new sticks.  They have given me the sound that I have been looking for in the past years.  They are now my favorites!! 
Thanks again !
NMY Hong Kong

The sticks from you – 610 & 540 – arrived a few days ago. Of course I tried them out right away. I used the 610s for a timpani concerto during rehearsal & have to say – Wow!!! Just what I was looking for! Big, full sound, clear articulation...just awesome. 
The 540s were used to Dvorak’s New World Sym & couldn’t be better.
Thank you so much. Your workmanship is flawless.

Sticks received with thanks. The usual top quality!
Kind regards,

The sticks you sent me back are absolutely brilliant! Thanks for those.


Dear, Mr. David morbey
Thank you very much for your Timpani mallets.
They are so nice and I've already used them in our concert.
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!
SK Finland

Hi David,
Just to say thanks very much for the sticks, and for getting them ready in time for the concert last week. Really appreciate your excellent level of service.
The sticks themselves were perfect - just what I had in mind.
Thanks again

Dear David,
Just to let you know that the sticks have arrived back safely.
I practiced with them yesterday and they were absolutely brilliant!
Thank you for doing such a great job.

Dear David,
Just a note to say that I am very pleased with the new 470KK timpani sticks, which have arrived safely and proved excellent in my most recent concert.
Many thanks,

We  recorded all 205 anthems for the Olympic Games (quite a challenge in lots of ways) and your sticks were used exclusively; I listened to the odd playback during the sessions and the sound was good and clear. Let's hope the TV sound reproduction does us all justice!
Simon Carrington - Principal Timpanist, London Philharmonic Orchestra

Dear David
Just to acknowledge safe receipt of my refelted 510s. Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service, as always!

Hi David, the sticks arrived yesterday and they are absolutely wonderful as always!
TC Australia

Looking forward to the sticks a great deal...its always a treat! You are superb!
TC Australia

Dear David,
I have just received the sticks. You have done a wonderful work again.  I will enjoy a lot playing with them.
Thank you very much. 
JP  Spain

Dear David, I got my sticks last week and now I know that I won't use any other, perfect balance and tone, that what I was looking for. Thank you for your kind letter and for all that contact during transaction.
Best wishes,
Bartosz Saldan  Poland

I just wanted to say that the sticks are beautiful. Thank you so much for them.
RM  Netherlands.


Hello, David,
The sticks arrived precisely on the day I asked, and are, as usual, superb.

Hello David,
I did get the timpani sticks in the mail, and am enjoying them! What a great feel they have and the sound is fantastic! Thank you.
JCN  Finland

Dear David,
I just received your sticks, and everything is in perfect order. Thank you very much for your excellent work (as usual).
WY  Germany

Dear David,
Thank you for your quick response.  I'm really looking forward to receiving the sticks, already had some really nice experiences with your sticks, they provide a good sound.
RVW  Netherlands


Dear Mr. Morbey,
I just want to say that your timpani sticks are wonderful and great sounding. I love it! Thanks.
ET  Phillipines

Dear David,
The sticks arrived just in time for the concert and all went well. Thank you for your amazing service and help.
Yours Sincerely,

Dear David, 
The sticks arrived this afternoon, thank you very much just like new.
I have always enjoyed playing with them and have always been amazed by the quality of sound they produce compared to other makes of sticks.  Thank you for such excellent service.
Best regards

Dear David,
Thank you for sending me the sticks so quickly! They are really great!
I played the hard felt sticks for the first time on Wednesday in Berg's "Lulu". When I used them the first time the whole percussion section was looking at me because they all heard that it was a different sound. They all liked it very much, including me, of course!! :-)
Best wishes
LD  Germany

Hello Mr. Morbey,
Thank you very much for the mallets! I got them yesterday and they sound great!
All the best,
AO  Finland


Thank you very much for your superb service and attention to detail.
With kindest regards,

Dear David,
I have received the mallets. Thank you very much for the fast construct.  I am very satisfied, I love them. It's my first pair, and the beginning of others.  Everybody salute you at the CNR
RA  France

Dear David,
Thank You very much for the very, very good refelted sticks, they look and feel absolute new. Best wishes, 
Reinhard Toriser  Orchester der Komischen Oper, Berlin

Hey David,
I received the mallets the other day. I played them in my studio last night, and all I can say is that they are by far the absolute best timpani mallets I have ever played. They were amazing. I'm going to tell all my students about these.

Hello Mr Morbey
I got your sticks today! Thanks for the fast and high quality work!
I already had 3 pairs of your sticks, so I now have a nice collection and love to play with them.
JL  Finland

Dear Sir,
now, that I have played with your sticks (440 and 450KK) for a while, I can say that I really do like them. They feel great and sound just the way I hoped they would...
Thank you very much!
Best wishes,
JB  Germany

Mr. Morbey,
Yesterday I received the timpani sticks (530) I ordered from you.  When I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were everything I hoped for.  The quality is excellent and consistent, and they feel great!  It has been a great pleasure doing business with you, as you were able to answer all my questions and give me sound advice.  I will be ordering from you in the future!  Thanks again for providing percussionists and timpanists with such a great service!
DAF  Rochester USA

 Andrey Zubov
Solo Timpanist State Symphony Orchestra “Novaya Rossiya" Russia
Dear David,
Thank you for this real masterwork – I guess these timpani sticks are deemed to be the most perfect among any ones I’ve ever tried. Your method of smooth roll equal seamless winding is genius indeed. Stick balance is marvelous. Sound evolution can be reached thanks to all these factors. Again, thank you for your work. Hope for our cooperation in future.

Dear David
That's a great pleasure for me to enter a big international elitist family of timpany musicians, which are admirers of your marvelous artwork!  ... One more time I'd like to say you thanks for these pieces of masterwork! 
At each performance I listen to rave comments from timpany musicians, orchestra participants, and different
conductors. They notice sounding revolution on my timpany. No doubt that this fact shall be deemed to be the reward for our mutual work with you.  Some orchestra musicians ask me: "Have you got a new timpany?" I answer:
"No, I've just got new sticks!" Hearty greetings from Russia!

Best regards,
Zubov Andrey
Tulio Cremisini
Principal timpanist, Miami Symphony Orchestra, USA
The Miami Symphony Orchestra brilliantly closed its 2009-2010 season with Brahms and Tchaikovsky and I was delighted to play the series exclusively with your superb timpani sticks. They delivered a beautiful round yet incisive sound when needed. I used four of them: 650, 550KK, 430FF and 310FF.  I loved their balance, weight and most especially their powerful sound, delivering well defined fundamentals on each drum, regardless of dynamics.  I also appreciate the spherical shape of their cores, assuring an even sound no matter the angle of impact. As there are no stitches across the surface of your sticks, there is no chance of producing that awful noise when striking on stitches (as with cartwheel sticks). I am now another enthusiastic professional user of David Morbey’s timpani sticks. Thank you David!                
Oscar Salazar Z.
Principal Timpanist, Philharmonic Orchestra of Querétaro, México
I have been using David Morbey Timpani Sticks for 2 years, and a difference with other timpani sticks that I have, I really enjoy play with the Morbey timpani sticks, because these  kind of mallets has the "BEST QUALITY" : felt, diameter and weight, core shape, and control when you have to change the dynamics in different cases playing in the orchestra.... Thank you David for make the best for the sound...
Oliver Mills
Dresdener Philharmonie, Germany
Dear David, I'm a great fan of Morbey-sticks. I definitely don't want to miss them in my collection.  In the rehearsals I always vary between a lot of sticks and very often I end up using Morbey's sticks. They are very well made and suit my playing perfectly.
Larry Reese,
Principal timpani, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
I have been using David's mallets for the past twenty years.  In that time I have also tried many other brands and styles of timpani stick, but I find the Morbey mallets feel right.  From early music on antique instruments, to the unique demands of a movie soundtrack, not to mention the orchestral challenges in between, I find David's mallets offer superb craftsmanship, terrific variety and the utmost in tonal control for every technical eventuality I am asked to play.  Well done and thank you, David!
Fernando Arias,
Principal timpanist, Orquesta Sinfónica Ciudad de Oviedo (España)
Nowadays there are many different brands of timpani sticks on the market but I would opt for the David Morbey ones. His careful elaboration achieves a perfect balance and equality in each stick, as well as a high quality sound. Besides, the extensive range of models that David Morbey offers satisfy the taste of any timpanist.
Andrzej Gliszewski
Timpanist, Orquesta Filarmonica de Gran Canaria
Yes, I've got your sticks.  I do really enjoy playing with them.  They have direct clear, open sound and attack, without muffling effect for very sensitive playing.   Thank you very much.

David Clarence
Principal timpanist, Australian Opera Orchestra, Sydney, Australia

Absolutely fantastic … When a big sound is required, it is possible to deliver the goods without having to force or overplay. As usual the sticks are beautifully made and a pleasure to use.
Peter Hill
Co-principal timpanist, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, England
Many thanks for the timpani sticks which are excellent as usual.
Bill Lockhart
Principal timpanist   English National Opera Orchestra, London, England
I use David Morbey sticks in all my film and commercial work, for example in "The Mask of Zoro", "Enemy at the gate", "The Mummy" and "Hollow Man".  They are also an essential part of my "armoury" for my work with the ENO.  Only Morbey sticks with their unique method of construction allow the timpanist to get across every detail of the composers' ideas, no matter how complex.
Frédéric Macarez
ex Solo timpanist, Orchestre de Paris, Paris, France
David Morbey’s timpani sticks are exactly what the supreme timpanist needs. Made with incredible care and quality, the wide range of choice provides the timpanist with the right sound and solution in every case. I have found that these sticks answer all the problems of the solo, chamber and orchestral repertoire.
Dominic Oelze
Principal timpanist   Deutsche Staatsoper unter den Linden, Berlin, Germany 
Selbst wenn David Morbey's Timpani Sticks einfach nur gut klingen wuerden, waeren sie meines Erachtens nach schon ihrer professionellen Verarbeitung und der perfekten Gewichtsverteilung wegen dringend empfehlenswert. Aber - sie klingen eben nicht einfach nur gut.
David Morbey ist es insbesondere bei den groesseren Modellen gelungen einen klanglich flexiblen Schlaegel zu bauen, bei dem man nicht zugunsten eines grossen Tones auf rhythmische Paedgnanz oder eben zugunsten klarer Ansprache gerade im pp auf einen warmen Klang verzichten muss.
Hier klingt ein Kompromiss endlich wie die Idealloesung. Hervorzuheben ist hierbei die FF-Serie, die fuer eine dunkle warme Tongebung praedestiniert ist und es dem Pauker deutlich erleichtert eben gerade im ff-Bereich besonders bei tiefer Fellspannung den Klang zu kontrollieren.
Reinhard Toriser
Solo-Pauker, Orchester der Komischen Oper, Berlin, Germany
I have been using David Morbey Timpani Sticks for ten years. From the top of the felt to the tip of the shaft these timpani sticks are of the highest quality and best materials. They are good with natural or plastic heads. It is always a pleasure to make music with these sticks on the timpani.
Erich Trog
Solopauker, Deutsches Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Bayreuther Festspielorchester
...In the opera and orchestral repertoire, there are many solo passages which make demands on the timpanist to produce excellent sounds and tone characteristics. For these moments as well as the normal repertoire, I constantly return to David Morbey’s timpani sticks...
Ian Wright
(retired) Principal timpanist, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, England
I have been using David Morbey timpani sticks … since 1979. In the earlier years I found them particularly useful for medium to clear ‘articulate’ playing, but …[now] there is, in my opinion, a stick for every use. The element of custom manufacture is particularly helpful and I have always found the felt covers to last longer than those on other manufactures’ sticks.

My thanks to all the players around the world who have sent me comments and endorsements.  
I will include  more of these on this page in the future.   
If you would like to comment on, or endorse our timpani sticks, please email me.