SOLO timpani mallets
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SOLO timpani mallets

a completely new concept in mallet design combining elegance and style
with quality tone production

Four different timpani mallets
in one superb set
Innovative design
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Ideal shape for excellent sound

The shape of the mallet head has been carefully designed to produce an excellent response from the widest possible variety of timpani.

Built-in model identifiers
Each of the four mallets in the SOLO timpani mallet range has its own unique colour identifier. Each mallet can be instantly identified from any angle so you can easily and quickly select the correct mallets for the music.

High quality shafts and felt
SOLO timpani mallets are made with maple shafts and the heads are covered with top quality German timpani felt.

Assembled and matched by hand
SOLO timpani mallets are assembled by hand and checked and weighed at every stage to ensure that each pair comes to you perfectly matched

Staccato Soloist Symphonic Sostenuto
hard medium hard medium soft