73 different models
Our range of 73 different models of timpani mallet makes it possible for you to to produce exactly the sound you need.
The 73 pairs are made from combinations of four sizes and three types of core, and seven different felt depths.
DMTPwebcoresdia2.gif (8664 bytes)    Four  core sizes:   
25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 36mm

Three materials:

Wood, Cork, Hard-felt
The core of a timpani stick is fundamental to the sound produced by the timpani.  
Our range of cores has been developed to give you a wide choice of power, weight and tone colour.
DMTPweb7feltsdiag.gif (3313 bytes)    Seven felt depths
Subtle grading
Precise control
Our unique single layer wrapping is made in seven different depths.  These can be applied to any of our cores to give a series of closely spaced grades, giving the timpanist precise and subtle control over the articulation of the sound, while keeping the tone qualities of the chosen core.