Bamboo Shafts
The shafts of our timpani sticks can be supplied in almost any diameter
to suit your personal preference.

We use high quality rigid bamboo which reduces vibration and gives excellent balance and strength.

DMTPwebfshaftsdiag.gif (2679 bytes) Choice of shaft sizes
Rigid Bamboo
Straight and smooth
Perfectly paired
Our bamboo shafts are carefully and accurately matched for diameter and weight.  
They are made to include the natural bamboo knot which gives the advantage of firmer shafts and great resistance to warping compared with those made without knots.  
We place the knot in the same position on every shaft to ensure consistent response.  
Our bamboo timpani mallets are end plugged, smoothly finished and micro-coated with lacquer for perfect handling.
End plugged
Matched knot placing
Micro-coat lacquer
DMTPwebunmatchedknotsdiag.gif (2151 bytes) DMTPwebunpluggeddiag.gif (1533 bytes)